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Love Hues! is a university-based visual novel packed with both character and world secrets. You'll be playing as Skyler (changeable name and pronouns) and navigate your first few months at Falls West University, where you'll meet 5 romanceable - or befriendable! - characters who hide certain truths about themselves and the world around them. This is the full version of the game!

Love Hues! features 41 unique endings, 5 routes, 228,000+ words, and 32+ CGs.

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Every character's True ending can be unlocked whether you play their platonic or romantic route.

Toby: 19 years old, they/them. Toby's full of energy and keen to kick off their studies in post-secondary - and to join Falls' soccer team! They're troubled by their past with a certain other Falls student...

James: 20 years old, he/him. James is a flirty and cheerful student who is determined to become a doctor. He seems to be struggling with his academics and well-being lately. Loves archeology and is close with Devlin.

Nova: 18 years old, she/her. Nova's your neighbor in the dorms, and she's often out researching Falls' strange past. She's dedicated to and protective of her friends, especially Ava. She may be more entwined in Falls' secrets than she tells most folx. (Please note: Nova's route is only unlocked after 1+ ending(s) has been achieved!)

Devlin: 20 years old, he/him. Devlin is the students' union volunteer coordinator but tends to seem impersonal. He's passionate about the union's success and works tirelessly despite rumors of its financial troubles.

Ava: 18 years old, she/her. Ava rarely appears to be on campus and tends to be anxious and withdrawn. Knows more about Falls and the 'Curiosity' than most.
(Please note that Ava's route requires all True endings to be unlocked.)

Choose wisely... 

Certain choices in routes will add new scenes to other routes you've already experienced or will unlock secret content. Learn as much as you can about Falls' true origins by exploring the game from every angle, and see if you can understand what everyone means when they whisper the Curiosity's name...

Pick your appearance and pronouns!

Pick the main character appearance you like + your pronouns - you can romance or befriend anyone in the cast regardless of your choice!

Content Warnings

Love Hues! contains, but is not limited to, the following content. It has no NSFW content.

Flashing images - Mild language - Character deaths/illness/injury - Suggestive themes -  Alcohol mention - Discussions around mental health - Challenging relationships

Credits/QA/Sensitivity Readers

A game by Oneirocritica Games, with a soundtrack primarily made by 'Moode Myoozik, who can be found here and here!

Love Hues! also features music by Kevin MacLeod which was bought under his extended license. The CC-BY (4.0) license still applies otherwise.

In order to comply to Creative Commons' terms, there's a page on the Love Hues! website that describes where to download the full version of Kevin MacLeod's music and the modifications I've applied to the songs for the game.  Love Hues! also contains a copy of a Kevin-Macleod-Music-README file with the same information. Kevin Macleod does not endorse Oneirocritica Games or Love Hues!.

Some QA/sensitivity reader staff requested to have their name in-game only; please check out the credits for their info! Here are a few of my QA testers/sensitivity readers:

Rishi Barnwal - Ellie Sims - Keshia Storm - Kat K  - Isabel Marko - Angelo Encarnacion (QA,  website setup, project support)


Specs: Love Hues! is a 32 bit program, and it'll take up about 580 MB of storage. Depending on your system setup, it can take up as little as 160 MB (16 GB RAM, Windows 10, 64 bit OS) of memory, or up to 640 MB of memory (4 GB RAM, Windows 8.1, 64 bit OS) while running.

Most newer computers with 4+ GB RAM, sufficient storage and processors comparable to the Intel Pentium CPU B960 should be able to run it, but if it doesn't work, please reach out to lovehuesgame@gmail.com for basic troubleshooting first, and if we can't resolve it, please reach out to itch's support for a refund.

Linux:  I identified a bug in the Linux build on the Raspberry Pi that prevented it from launching, and I've patched it. 

This game is aimed at ages 16 and up. It also has a EULA (covers usage, liability, warranty, persistent data, etc.) that'll either require you to be over the legal age of majority or to have a guardian sign it.  There's a copy of it on Love Hues!'s website as well.

If you need to reach me for questions, feedback or comments, I'm available at lovehuesgame@gmail.com!


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Love_Hues_2020-win.zip 536 MB
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Love_Hues_2020-linux.tar.bz2 537 MB

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I was finally able to get the full game! After playing the demo I was absolutely enthralled with the game and now that I have the full game those feelings have only been increased. I haven't gotten super far, but I'm really enjoying it so far! One question though: Is there/will there be a walkthrough for the game? 

I'm so happy to hear it, I really hope you enjoy the full story! :-) I'm always excited to hear feedback. There's no official walkthrough in the works... yet, but if there's sufficient interest, I could put one together. In the meantime, if you get stuck on anything, I'm always around here or on Twitter to provide hints.


This comment/question contains spoilers.

This is a fun game and I really enjoyed playing it, but I came across a bug? during James's route. I did Devlin's route, Nova's, and Toby's (in that order) before I did James's. At the end of the route, it said we were dating, even though we weren't, and then said I unlocked his True Platonic End. Also I was never asked if I was interested in him romantically, like I was in the other routes, the MC just put him in the friend-only category. Does that mean you can't actually date James?

Thank you for playing Love Hues, and for taking the time to leave feedback! It really does mean a lot to me. :) I'm happy you enjoyed the game.

That does sound like a potential bug and I'll be happy to fix it. If you'd like me to investigate it further, please feel free to reply or email me with details of the in-game choices you made - if not, that's okay and I'll dig into the script to see what the cause was.

I will add that there is a specific in-game branch that locks you into a platonic path with James only, with no romantic option. It occurs when he calls in Chapter 6, you pick up, and Skyler notes that they feel that he's struggling too much with defining friendship vs. romance. He'll only be available platonically for that branch specifically onward. You'll also know if you've reached this branch if you meet Allie in the cafeteria in Chapter 3, where James mentions the exhibition. If this series of events didn't occur and you still didn't get a chance to play his romantic path, that would be a bug that needs fixing.

However, the mention of dating during the platonic path is a definitive error and I'll try to narrow that down and patch it out as soon as possible. Thank you again for sharing and stay safe!

(1 edit) (+1)

I did meet Allie in the cafeteria in Chapter 3 and I got that phone call in Chapter 6, so I was on the platonic branch.

For the dating line bug, I don't remember all my choices, but he was at 90 affection, had told me about his mom, lived with me for a week, and changed his major to archeology. Right after he got the job at the museum, the script was talking about him hearing from his cousins and then it said since we were dating, his family had contacted me too. I made the remark about his dad, he told me the news about switching majors, and the route ended.

If you need more information, I can replay James's route and write down my exact choices.

EDITED: I found another bug at the end of Ava's route. If you make Allie the new record keeper, the scene repeats itself over and over.

Sorry for the late reply, and gotcha! Sounds like that's running as intended (minus the dating note). If you did want to try James' romantic path still, the easiest way to get it is to ask him to stay on the day that he's tired, and to drop by the garden - and to accept the phone call, later. :) The game should allow you to choose his platonic or romantic path then. Please let me know if this doesn't work (if you want to try it) and I'll investigate further!

And thank you for those additional details, that should be enough for me to narrow down and resolve the issue of the dating note on the platonic path. The bug at the end of Ava's route sounds like a nuisance so I'll see if I can identify it and patch it - I'll upload the patch tonight at the earliest, and by Friday at the latest. Please don't hesitate to let me know if anything else comes up!


Just finished playing through James's route again and am happy to report his romantic path works just fine.

So happy to hear it! :-D Also - thank you for finishing all 5 routes, that's phenomenal!

Update: I pushed the new build! Thank you again for sharing the bugs.


Love Hues is an adorable, wholesome visual novel with a cast of interesting characters and oddly enough, a LOT of drama. I'm really excited to see how the mechanics are going to play out over the course of multiple routes. 

I can't wait to watch the rest of your playthrough!!